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  Painting Progression   This painting is 16" x 20" oil on canvas.  The subject came from an old photo taken on a visit to the mission called "La Purisima" in California.  The mission is probably the most authentic of the old missions in California, because the grounds are large, with lots of paths and livestock.  It's a magical mystical place to visit.
Summer's End

It's all done!  Today the tree angles and bark were added.  More texture was added to the tree leaves.  The sunny side of the tree was given Indian Red highlights and the shady side of the tree was given ultramarine blue lowlights. 
  La Purisima Mission Grounds Painting

More light and texture has been added in the foreground and structure.  White has been added to the horizon.  Shrubs have been added to the left side.  I have started working on the trees. 
  La Purisima Mission Painting in Progress

The shadows have been darkened and the lights in the pathway have been given more depth.  Hard to really see any difference.
  LaPurisima Mission Grounds Painting in progress

The middle ground is now more detailed and colorful.
  La Purisima Missioon Grounds Paintin in Progress

More details and shadow has been added to the adobe building, which is one of the structures on the mission grounds.  The painting will have lots of golds and violets.  The long shadows when the sun goes down add drama and mood. 
  La Purisima Mission at Sundown

The background has been added in.  There are actually some horses in the field, but they may not be added.  The beginning of the foreground trees are starting to take shape.
  La Purisima Mission Painting

The shadows have been started in purple and blue.  The sky is a little further along and will have a lot of white, because at the time of day with the long shadows, the sun is very low in the horizon.
  La Purisima Mission Painting

La Purisima Mission.  Oil on cancas 16" x 24".

Painting has been blocked out using thinned paint with green, white, gold, brown.
  La purisima mission painting