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  The photos below show the progression of this painting from start to finish.

Done again.

Finished painting.  Deminsion has been added to the roofmove into the distance.tops. The dome and building have also been given dimension and blur to fade into the distance.  The water and stone wall are more dtailed.
  Italian Village Lake Painting

Added more definition to the buildings.  Added a variety of green to the shrubs.  Made the sky more blue.
  Italian Village Painting in Progress

Today was all about sunlight: white, yellow and gold. Still using bristle brushes and opaque colors.  Sunlight was added to the horizon, the water and snatches of places where the buildings catch the light.
  Italian Lake Painting in Progress

The underpainting worked out awesome.  I started applying the truer colors today and was pleased with how everything was combining.  I am starting with bristle brushes with smaller strokes to give some texturese appearance.  The red tile roofs are a mixture of red and orange over the base of burnt sienna.  The buildings will be various gradations of peach, yellow ochre and white.
  Italian Lake painting in progress 7-10-10
  June 26, 2010

I usually put an undercoating on a canvas before I start to paint, but on this one I just dove right in and blocked out the subject.  When I looked back at it, I didn't like how the specks of white showed through everywhere.  So, all I did today was put a bunch of random color everywhere that showed white. 
  6-26-10 Italian Lake Painting in Progress
  June 24,2010

This is going to be a painting of a small town on a lake in Italy.  Today I blocked out the space using burnt sienna, sap green, yellow ochre, blue and white.  Don't stress about the sky.  It is actually a mountainside, but in the end it will be sky.  It just will.
Italian Lake Painting in Progress
12" x 16" Oil on Canvas